Beyond the Rhetoric: Improving Service to the Hispanic Community

Posted on December 13, 2012 No Comments

As you know, the Latino vote was a major contributor to the re-election of President Obama last month and has brought much attention to this, the fastest growing minority in the country.  Hispanics now comprise 21 percent of the population under 25, but they also have the highest poverty rate.  According to the Pew Hispanic Center, more Latino children are living in poverty — 6.1 million in 2010 — than children of any other racial or ethnic group. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors and barriers, federal resources often do not reach Latino children and families living in disenfranchised poor communities.

At a time when federal budgets are tight, it is important to use innovative strategies to reach this segment of our society.  Attached is an overview of the work the National Alliance For Hispanic Families (NAHF) has been involved in over the past year with the Administration For Children and Families. To characterize this work as a success would be misleading, as you will read.  But the eight practical, budget-neutral recommendations are solid and can be applied to any federal agency to quickly improve and expand service to the Hispanic population.

NAHF is dedicated to improving the lives of Hispanic families throughout the country, and we would welcome an opportunity to talk with you about the recommendations outlined in this report.

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