College apps and special opps: Too late? Not yet!

Just when you thought all the deadlines were gone

Southwest and HACU team up to offer ¡Lánzate! / Take Off! Travel Award

Here’s an exciting update: Fun-loving Southwest Airlines is joining with Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) to offer their annual ¡Lánzate! /Take Off! Travel Award Program.

For students taking the bold step of attending school far from home, this program can play a huge role in staying connected to family. But don’t delay – apply today! Postmark deadline is May 15.

Still haven’t applied for school? Lucky for you, there’s still (a little) time

As far as college applications go, time is nearly up.

But for many colleges and universities, according to, they’re still accepting applications. Go to > Member Colleges > Search for Colleges and check “Fall 2014” and enter a date in the near future (say, June 1). For schools that show up, they’re probably still taking applications.

So what are you waiting for? That dream is still there, but only if you go after it. ¡Adelante!

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