Latino College Students: Entering but not Finishing

A recent report issued by the Campaign for College Opportunity found that while Latino students are enrolling in colleges at record rates, an abysmal number of students earn a degree or certificate.    While the students have very high aspirations for education, they find themselves entering college academically unprepared.  In California, only three in 10 Latino high school students complete the college prerequisites and aren’t ready for college-level math and English.  Many, as a result, are placed in remedial classes that are often precursors to not completing college.

Recognizing the economic impact that these trends present, the  report provides a number of recommendations, including those that call for coordination between K-12 systems and higher education systems.  Click to download full report: StateofHigherEducationLatino

4 thoughts to “Latino College Students: Entering but not Finishing”

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  2. Kids new in the world of college need a guide. Sort of like a sponsor like in a rehab. Or need a coach sort of like in a game. Or a trainer, like in the gym. Friends in college always seem to call me in times of hard ships, and sometimes I call them. Other times I distress by looking down, but this is not good. Sometimes when these other students see the side walk they choose to not lift there heads again. and this is where they fall into the doubt. Doubt are traitors that make us loose the good we often might win by fearing to attempt.- William Shakespeare..These kids need external validation, some are born with positivity, some gain it, some need a little more influence. And thats okay. But here is where the point lies. ~We need to help each other ~ I believe that students sometimes need a big bro/sis just to get by. and a simple “you’ll do great man, just study harder, i believe in you” is all that is needed for that ship to sail into the great ocean of success that lives around the world….Just my thoughts on the topic.

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